PMRbrings you and your company many advantages that were specifically designed and programmed to suit today’s condo-hotel and development administrators and managers, here is a list of some of them:

Human Resources - The human resources module lets you keep track of your employees and their information, not only at a personal level but also at a professional level, with these tools you can create an employee profile, keep track of contracts, renewals and termination, follow their trainings, birthdays and have the following contract ready with a couple of clicks.

Mobile App for Home Owners - Our system has developed a mobile app for virtually any mobile device, with this app your clients can access their statement directly, HOA balances, maintenance/cleaning schedules and it also this app allows to your clients and your staff to have instant and direct communication through our message center. If that wasn't enough the app has the ability to allow your clients to make their own, instant, online reservations and to grant or revoke access to their units and to review previous guest’s. Click Here for an online demo

Reservations, check in and expense control - With the reservations module you can give the luxury resort service and follow-up, your clients are accustomed to, staff and clients can arranges a reservation directly, these modules allow you to check them in and open a guest account for charges and pay at checkout.

Public areas and Maintenance - These modules allow you to assign your personnel to the specific task’s you require, helps you keep your schedule organized and increases your staff’s productivity, you keep track of your personnel and the "emergencies module" lets you record and backup any incidents on the property.

Reports and collections - These modules come in handy because what used to take hours and sometimes day’s is now just one click away, receive payment report’s and send alerts instantly, no more hassle no more spread sheets to consolidate, everything is right there!

Our system has many more features like a marketing module and 3rd party online marketing tools that we can get into detail with you on a private live demo, please request your live demo on our contact page or click here to send us an email.