How much is the software license?


Since every company works in a different way, we made our plattform modular, so it can be configured and adjusted to your company┬┤s operation and then you only pay for wht you use.

How long does it take to implement the system in our company?


There are several factors involved in the process, like: how fast you put your information, how much information you have to capture, how many adjustments you configure, etc; but long story short anywhere from a one to 5 weeks

Can I get just the app for mobiles without the desktop plattform?


No, the mobile apps feeds off the information sent into the cloud database, so if you have no Celeritas Cloud system or information for the the app to read the app will just not show anything (although you can get it we do not recommend it unless you have the system installed in your company).

Can I try the Celeritas Cloud system before buying a license?


Everything is negociable, if you and your comany are interested in trying out our system please let us know and we can work something out or scheddule a live demo performed by our experts on your property.