Celeritas Cloud brings you many advantages, we are going to mention just a few of them here:

No Capital Investment
No capital expenditure on your end as it is a Pay-as-you-go model.
Celeritas Cloud by Siti Systems requires no special IT staff for implementation, which means no investment.

Pay-As-You-Go Model
Minimum costs as hotel does not pay for features which are not required or use.
Choose the most cost effective plan for your property which meets your specific requirements.

Other Software Conections
Several interfaces are ready to integrate Celeritas Cloud with other software such as elevators, magnetic keys, POS, PBX, and many other softwares.

Mobile App
Celeritas Cloud has a mobile app (not just a report viewer) that allows both, homeowners and operators to perform and compute information on the system, from reservations and access control to direct and instant comunication, plus access to live data and information.

Publish To Your Website
Your properties can easily sent to your website for rental purposes with a simple click, your property profile includes all the marketing details needed to create a powerfull online profile and its linked to your reservations and booking engines on the system.

3rd Party Marketing Tools
Just like sending a property to your website, you can send it to another website or online agency that you have contract or agreements with. Again this is performed on a very intuitive interface and with a couple of clicks.

Data Storage and Safety
The cloud can accommodate the growing data without hotels ever worrying about running out of storage. Hotel’s data is stored in secured servers with firewall protection and SSL encryption securing hotel’s data.

Automatic Backup
The data is automatically backed up regularly and can be restored easily without ever worrying about loss of data. No physical drives required for hotels to back up the data saving IT costs.

Automatic Software Updates
Celeritas Cloud by Siti Systems updates automatically with the latest features and enhancements.
Never have to worry about downloading the latest Service Pack or manually checking for an update.

Minimum down Time
Celeritas Cloud by Siti Systems is built on a architecture with multiple redundancy, giving our users minimum down time. With automatic failover system, Celeritas Cloud by Siti Systems will naturally shift to a backup server giving you uninterrupted service without affecting your business.

Easy Implementation
Celeritas Cloud by Siti Systems can be up and running at your hotel in a very short period as it requires no installation or any other kind of set up. Requires no special software or hardware upgrades in hotel saving on IT costs.

Minimum Operating Costs
Once the System is in place, hotels do not require any IT staff for any kind maintenance keeping hotel’s costs at minimum. In addition, no extra software or hardware means hotel does not have to deal with hardware vendors or software providers.

Access from Anywhere
Only requirement a hotel has to run their operations with Celeritas Cloud by Siti Systems is a Desktop PC or Laptop with Internet Connection. You can access the system remotely even when traveling keeping eye on the business.

Minimum Learning Curve
Celeritas Cloud by Siti Systems is easy to learn and adapt without ever worrying about extra time spend on training.
Users come up to speed much faster to cloud based software when compared to bloated desktop versions.