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works, ideas and so much more.

In the Celeritas Cloud v2.1.4 our state of the art technology makes this version a completely "cloud based" system using the same Technology that iCloud ® and thousands of dominant firms in the market; In addition to the improved interface design, we made it more user friendly and intuitive , With these new technology the capacity of processing is now faster and more effective. In other words, this version had big improvements within processing capacity, performance, visual, security and its now multi platform.

In conclusion, we are very excited that our clients are the first developments in the world to have this technology, where owners can be in direct contact with HOA and have transparent access to administration tools and services in one APP. No more emails, phone calls, excel files, and outdated information.

One of the main features of this new version is to give owners the power of real time communication and control of their properties and assets .

We understand the value of information and the importance to keep a consolidated history of everything that happens to your unit.

Celeritas Cloud Mobile App Screenshots