PMR Property management sometimes can be a little overwhelming especially as your business grows, but here is a list of what PMR can do for you and your company:

Mobile App for Home Owners - Our system has developed a mobile app for virtually any mobile device, with this app your clients can access their statement directly, maintenance/cleaning schedules and it also allows your clients and your staff to have instant and direct communication through our message center, with the capability to add pictures for clients to view and authorize jobs in progress. Click Here for an online demo

Property management - This module allows you to keep all your client and property profiles organized, with details and contracts, fees and services.

Payments - Our system has several tools that will help you keep a close control of any kind of payments required periodically or at any given time.

Housekeeping & maintenance - Keeping everything under control on your properties has never been easier, you can schedule your preventive and corrective maintenance tasks, cleaning routines and even washing schedules.

Online Marketing and Web Posting - The marketing module allows you to post directly from the system to your rental website automatically, and in some cases to 3rd party online agencies or websites.

Online Reservations and Rentals - The system includes modules to accept online and manual reservations for rental and guests stays, you can even work with other agencies and the system will keep track of every detail of the operation such as: agency, dates, blocked dates, commissions and more!